About us

Krylla Software is a small family company in northern Sweden.
We have produced
  • A system for network statistics and traffic control for Vannet.se, a local ISP
  • Takeabreak - an application that forces the pc-user to take necessary breaks to avoid repetitive strain injuries
  • Seamless - an PHP-based online-tool for creating seamless images for backgrounds etc
The programmers behind Krylla Software are Jens Rundberg and his son Rasmus Göransson. We are mainly self-educated programmers with quite wide skills in different kinds of programming.

  Jens This is Jens in his favourite environment in the winter, the forrests and mountains around his home in Vännäs in northern Sweden.

The Takeabreak-project is mainly produced by Jens who has own experiences of computer-related pain problems. Jens also has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at Umeå University.