Takeabreak helps you to take necessary breaks by blocking the computer at the intervals you decide.

To avoid pain problems from computer work it is essential to take small pauses often and doing appropriate exercises during the pauses.

Takeabreak will make a difference for you

If you already have developed computer-related pain problems Takeabreak helps you to really do something about it. It's an easy and efficient way to break strain patterns and improve your muscular function and blood circulation.

If you currently don't have computer-related pain problems but want to avoid them in the future, it's still wise to use Takeabreak.

Takeabreak prevents you from cheating and forces you to take the break that otherwise is so easy to leave out. You will likely find it very annoying sometimes but that's why Takeabreak is better than an alarm clock. Every break makes a difference for your body.

Easy to use

Takeabreak is a small program that is really easy to use. There are only two time-settings and two buttons for start and stop.


Screenshot Takeabreak main window
Takeabreak main window

Screenshot Takeabreak pause window
Takeabreak pause window