Free online-tool to create seamless images for backgrounds etc
Creates high quality seamless images without cropping or bluring. Two images are generated. One with equal size as the original and one with twice the height, creating a diagonal pattern.
PHP-algorithm created by Krylla Software.
1) Upload image to edit
-Supports jpg, jpeg, gif and png.
-It may take some time to upload.
Scroll down to see result!
2) Select seam-width in x- and y-direction
The seam-width sets the number of pixels along the edges that are modified.
Seam-width X (right and left edges) pixels
Seam-width Y (top and bottom edges) pixels
3) Create

-Save or copy the image you like from the screen in the usual way.
-Seamless2 makes a diagonal pattern
-Scroll down to see background-patterns made from the images.
Uploaded image: